Embracing Accessibility through Fashion

Ali Ingersoll
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Accessible Fashion

People with disabilities constitute the largest minority group in the world, yet are the most under-served and under-represented. From brick-and-mortar stores without wheelchair access to limited options on E-commerce platforms, shopping for clothes and accessories can be particularly challenging for anyone whose body falls outside the ablest, straight-sized norm.

There are so many brands now diving into accessible fashion lines from makeup to clothing to adaptive undergarments, clip on buttons, and more.

What are some of your favorite adaptive fashion lines? What are some of the challenges you have run into with your own fashion experiences? What are some delightful experiences or products you would recommend?

New Mobility Magazine has a great article on discussing An Insider's Guide to Accessible Fashion

Alex Ayaub and Adrianne Mallet Discuss Accessibility in the Fashion Industry on YouTube.