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My name is Geoff. Half man, half very costly machine. I run on electricity and coffee. I enjoy escaping into history and language. Professor X was my first hero. Sports have always been my portal to normalcy and acceptance. To say I’m passionate would be a gross understatement. A fanatic is appropriate. My baseball card would show a proud member of the University of Texas Baseball, Media Relations 2009–2014. 2 College World Series appearances 2009, 2011. I had a cup of coffee in the big leagues at MLB Network.

I have Cerebral Palsy we might as well get that out of the way early. I am held together by surgical-grade Titanium. I have lived all over the country independently. From Saratoga Springs to Albany, Austin to Scottsdale and back.

My disability is static, but the way it impacts how I engage with the world is in a constant state of flux. Excited to work with and learn from this community.


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    Hello Geoff, I’m two minutes new to this online community but I enjoyed reading your intro so much that I had to comment and let you know.

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    @Shnita Camps , thank you. We are happy to have you as a part of our community. Let me know if you need anything as you get more comfortable with us here.