Is anyone suffering from Long Covid and how are they finding it affecting their lives?

Liz Draper
Liz Draper Member (Full) Posts: 1

I got Covid in March of 2022 (thanks to partner who went out for St Patrick's Day, and brought it back as a birthday present for our child a week later), and haven't been right since. For context, I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, am pre-diabetic some months, diabetic the next, menopausal, and am starting to lose more hearing.

Since having Covid, I've had 3 chest infections, a cough for over a year, and often get palpitations and chest pains with shortness of breath, which makes exercising more difficult than ever, and any extended activity almost impossible. My endurance has halved, balance issues have increased, and my recovery time has doubled. I've had to start using a Ventolin inhaler, and am undergoing various tests for heart and lung function.

Has anyone else found that Long Covid has emphasised or overtaken their original ailments?