Disability Friendly Kitchens

Ali Ingersoll
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Disability Friendly Kitchen Ideas

I’m in the process of designing the kitchen for my new home and I have a bunch of ideas and articles I found that I think are pretty cool.

Check out this article by Kitchen Concepts for Disability Friendly Kitchens everyone can use

Here’s a very cool picture of a very open layout for cooking in the kitchen.

I would love some ideas and see pictures of your kitchens that you have made accessible?


  • Meryl Evans
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    I don't have any pictures, but I've learned about making kitchens more accessible from my mom. She's used a walker in the last few years. Now she's in a wheelchair while she recovers from her injuries. Anyway, one thing she changed was move the microwave to a lower counter. It used to be about 5 1/2 feet up.

    The other concern is to ensure you don't have to reach deep to the back of the counter to access something. This isn't good for the back, whether a person is sitting or standing. I remember staying in a hotel room where the sink faucet was way in the back. It put pressure on my back as I had to bend over to reach it.

  • Alesha Savannah
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    That’s cool! Reminds me of the place in the Shepherd Center! The counters and stove raised up and down.

    I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but i love to use a rice cooker for rice and steamed veggies! And an air fryer to cook my meats! I can put the stuff in and wait for the beeps!

  • Ali Ingersoll

    @Meryl Evans This is a really important point that you make on making sure that the microwave or other appliances are not too far back. As a C6 quadriplegic I run into the same issue and cannot reach that far back.

  • Ali Ingersoll

    @Alesha Savannah very cool tip about using a rice cooker for steamed veggies. I didn't know you could do this!