Promoting Inclusive Beauty Brands for People with Disabilities

Allie Schmidt
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In today's society, the beauty industry plays a significant role in shaping societal standards of attractiveness. However, these standards often fail to recognize and cater to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. Inclusive beauty brands that prioritize accessibility and representation can contribute to fostering a more inclusive and empowering environment for people with disabilities.

Inclusive beauty brands can make a profound impact by acknowledging the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities and actively working to address them. Firstly, these brands can develop products with inclusive packaging, incorporating features like tactile markings, braille labels, or easy-grip designs. By considering the diverse needs of customers, these brands can enhance accessibility and ensure that everyone can independently use and enjoy their products.

Moreover, inclusive beauty brands should embrace diversity in their marketing and advertising campaigns. By featuring individuals with disabilities as models and brand ambassadors, these companies can challenge narrow beauty standards and empower people with disabilities to feel seen and celebrated. By highlighting the beauty of diverse bodies, inclusive beauty brands inspire self-confidence and promote positive self-image among individuals with disabilities.

Lastly, collaboration with disability advocacy groups can foster meaningful partnerships. By consulting and engaging with the disability community, these brands can gain valuable insights and ensure that their products meet the specific needs of people with disabilities. Such collaboration can also provide a platform for disabled individuals to share their experiences and advocate for greater inclusivity within the beauty industry.

Inclusive beauty brands have the power to reshape the narrative surrounding beauty by embracing diversity and inclusivity. By developing accessible products, featuring diverse models, and collaborating with disability advocacy groups, these brands can create a more inclusive and empowering beauty landscape for people with disabilities. As consumers, we have the ability to support and champion these brands, driving positive change and contributing to a society that celebrates beauty in all its forms.

What brands would you love to see incorporate more accessible products into their beauty lines?


  • Meryl Evans
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    One company bragged about their diversity and one of their ads that featured Black / African American women. This video was not captioned. I contacted the company about it. No response.