Sewing with physical limitations

Alesha Savannah
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Hi there!

I’d really like to get into sewing so i can make things like foley bag holders, accessible clothing for different levels of independence, seat cushion covers, and more! However, most sewing machines have that little foot peddle… my feet are asleep so that doesn’t work for me. I could try to hold the material in place and use my arm to push the peddle, but I’m afraid as a beginner I’m going to jack myself or my design up! Lol.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for those with limited mobility that would like to sew?


  • Samantha Fletcher
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    Hi Alesha

    Some sewing machines do come with an alternative to a foot pedal for example Janome have a knee press or stop/start button.

    Also maybe worth contact remap for one of these.

  • Evan Coombe
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    Hey :)

    I do a lot of craft and sewing is one of the things that i enjoy doing. I have a singer patchwork. I upgraded this from a standard hobbycraft machine partly for the reason it has an automatic button stop start as well as a foot peddle. Because of issues surrounding mobility and pain sometimes i struggle with the pressing of the foot peddle and having the option to use the automatic stop start was something which made sewing more accessible and enjoyable again for me.

  • Amy Nettleton
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    I make my own clothes and my little girls. I use a basic Brother sewing machine and use my hand on the foot peddle or for more complex sewing I use my elbow so I can use both hands to manipulate the material. I do have limited use and movement of my right arm and hand but… practice makes a good attempt and nothings fallen apart so far!!

  • Alesha Savannah
    Alesha Savannah Member (Full) Posts: 18

    Great suggestions! Thank you both! I may consider giving it a shot!