When you become a Family Caregiver and the Caregiving Crisis


Family Caregiving

The caregiver role often takes people by surprise, leaving them unprepared. In the United States there is a caregiving pandemic happening. With the 79 million baby boomers beginning to need constant caregiving services, people with disabilities are struggling to find care on a regular basis.

US news World report came out with an interesting article on What to Do when You Become the Family Caregiver

Many family members and loved ones are having to step up because it is challenging to find outside caregiving resources.

New Mobility Magazine also came out with an article on Finding Attendance Has Gone From Crisis to Catastrophe.

If you need care or you are caring for a loved one, what are some of the greatest challenges you are running into? How are you feeling? What support do you have? What resources are you using?

It's so important for us to band together and share what works and what doesn't when we are faced with this extremely challenging situation with our loved ones or we are the ones that need care ourselves.

Listen to Hector's video created by The Arc on his experience of being a caregiver for his adult son with a disability.