Requesting Reasonable Accommodation and Modification from your Landlord


Reasonable Accommodation and Modification

Most landlords are not required to provide a reasonable accommodation or grant a reasonable modification request unless you ask for. You have the right to ask for one at any time, even if you have been living in your home for a long time or if you are in danger of eviction.

Some examples of reasonable accommodation according to Disability Rights North Carolina include:

  • Providing reserved parking
  • Allowing service/emotional support animals in "No Pet" housing
  • Allowing a tenant to have a live-in aid
  • Accepting rent in the month based on when the tenants monthly check arrives
  • Placing a mailbox in an accessible location
  • Accommodating behaviors directly related to a person's mental disability

Have you been discriminated against? Have you asked for reasonable accommodations for specific access needs? What are some of the experiences you've had, successes, and failures with your housing?

Disability Rights Washington came out with a video talking about reasonable housing accommodations to get you started.