Adaptive Exercise Equipment


Staying Healthy Through Exercise

Mental and physical fitness are a key part to staying healthy and life. However, finding the right adaptive equipment you may need or an accessible gym can be challenging.

Most commercial gyms do not have adaptive equipment, but Planet Fitness has been working to provide accessible equipment for its members.

There are a number of reasons will why can be challenging for people with disabilities to get to commercial gyms, such as transportation, caregiving, location, and distance.

There are many pieces of adaptive exercise equipment you can purchase for your home at different price points to fit everyone's budget.

Here is an interesting article with 10 Adaptive Disability Fitness Equipment recommendations with different price points.

How do you work out? What are some of your home solutions and hacks you use? Are there YouTube videos or different apps you use to stay healthy at home?

Here is a YouTube Video with Adaptive Online Yoga with the Sabrina Cohen Foundation.


  • Alesha Savannah
    Alesha Savannah Member (Full) Posts: 18

    This was super helpful, Ali! Thanks! I’m definitely going to try this adaptive yoga!

  • Meryl Evans
    Meryl Evans Member (Full) Posts: 16

    Before COVID, I used to do OrangeTheory Fitness. They'd give me a print out of the workout (the instructions for the treadmill and rowing part). Then COVID happened and I switched to Peloton because they had the best captions (and of course, good workouts to go with it). I had looked at others and they were either not for me or didn't follow captioning best practices.

    It ended up being healthier for my back. I had chronic back pain before COVID. My back pain improved because of Peloton. The captioned instructions made all the difference. I was not getting these instructions at OrangeTheory because they're not on the paper. They're not something you put in a printed version of the workout. So, I've stuck with Peloton ever since. And now they caption EVERY single workout.

  • Ali Ingersoll

    @Meryl Evans curious if you reached out to Orange Theory on some of these accessibility challenges you ran into? Regarding the Peloton, this is music to my ears that your lower back pain is so much better because back pain is the number one chronic cause of pain in the US at the moment. It would be so cool if they made an accessible one for upper body :-)

    As a wheelchair user I use a really great piece of equipment called the VitaGlide, which is essentially an upper body rowing machine, but it gets so boring because I don't have anything to watch.