Commercial Airline Wheelchair Damage


Have you had your wheelchair damaged in transit by a major Commercial Airline?

Unfortunately, this is all too common and a major issue for so many wheelchair users traveling globally. United Spinal Association is working on amending the Air Carrier Access Act in the United States to address this very issue with legislation.

You can take action with United Spinal by writing your Legislators.

USA Today came out with a really interesting article interviewing disabled travelers and their experiences with damaged wheelchairs.

What have some of your experiences been with the damaged wheelchairs on airlines? What steps did you take with the airline to get your wheelchair repaired? What pre-cautions did you take to protect your wheelchair before it was handed off to the airline for your flight?

Here is a helpful article on what to do when an airline loses or damages your wheelchair

Here is another helpful YouTube video and understanding your rights when an airline damages your wheelchair.