Banking Accessibility


Banking Accessibility Accommodations

Do you have a physical mobility impairment and have trouble using the ATM? Do you have a vision impairment and don't have the proper accommodations in the bank to perform your banking needs safely and privately?

Accessibility in banking is still not very inclusive for people with disabilities in the physical and digital space.

Cielo24 addresses some of the challenges with Accessibility and Banking.

What are some of your experiences, both delightful and challenging, that you Face when you go to the bank?


  • Allie Schmidt
    Allie Schmidt Member (Full) Posts: 13

    I can't draw out cash from an ATM, because I can't push the buttons or grab the money. I only really shop online anymore.

  • Ali Ingersoll

    @Allie Schmidt it's such a great point. As a C6 quadriplegic I can't do it either. If I go to the bank I need to bring a caregiver with me and that doesn't help me with privacy. I shop mostly online as well, but what would you do when you actually have to go to the bank? Do you find the bank tellers helpful?

  • Hussein Patwa
    Hussein Patwa Member (Full) Posts: 1

    Hi, my first post here. I'm Hussein from Aberdeen, an accessibility consultant with a passion for transport, technology, acoustic shooting and DIY. I also now work in the health and local authority sector as well as consultatively with a number of boards and groups.

    Given that access to banking services is such a hot topic in the UK at the moment it's almost ironic that today I was refused a bank account with an app-only business account provider. I was unable to take a picture of my ID using the camera on my iPad as I can't see the screen, but the bank refused my alternative suggestion of sending them a scanned copy via email. They basically told me that they were sorry that they couldn't offer me an account, but thanked me for raising an issue with their accessibility policy and advised I look elsewhere. I had the same issue with another app-only provider a few months ago but they accepted my workaround without issue. However, I had to stop using that provider as the only way to gain access to the account if you change device (e.g. after a phone upgrade) is via the same ID photo option, and this time they were unwilling to assist as they said there was no technical workaround to the app's hard-coded security option.

    I'm all in favour of banks innovating and the online challenger banks are often vastly greater value than big name high street ones, but I was schocked such direct discrimination and then blaming the technology for it rather than the human reluctance to think out of the box is so blatent.

    Note: I've not mentioned the providers here but can do if that is appropriate and not against policy.

  • Ali Ingersoll

    Welcome to the community Hussein. What an experience! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. When the bank thanked you for flagging the accessibility issue, did they mention they would follow up? Did they give you a contact to follow up with?