Online Dating with a Disability


Online dating can be challenging, but there are websites specifically designed for people with disabilities or long-term health conditions popping up in recent years.

Forbes came out with an article on a new app called Dateability - New Dating App to help Disabled and Chronically Ill Find Love

What have your experiences been with dating with the disability whether online or in person?

How do you feel about online dating sites specifically designed for people with disabilities?

Check out Spencer West's YouTube video where he talks about online dating with a disability.


  • Meryl Evans
    Meryl Evans Member (Full) Posts: 16

    Met my spouse on the vintage internet. It's called a BBS, bulletin board system. We exchanged private messages and chatted in the open forums. You can learn more about them in BBS: The Documentary. It made it possible for me to communicate without phone calls.

  • Ali Ingersoll

    That's really interesting. I did know that existed. Thanks for this documentary. I'm certainly to check it out!