Accessibility while traveling with a manual wheelchair


As a non-ambulatory wheelchair user, I find that I have fewer issues with accessibility than those who use powerchairs especially when traveling.

For example, my partner and I recently visited Toronto, Ontario, and Niagara Falls in Canada and many buildings have one or two steps prior to entering them. For most people, that isn't a big deal, but it could be detrimental for persons with mobility impairments. Since I use a manual chair and have help more often than not, my partner and I can maneuver a step or two. But what about those that use a powerchair, or a manual chair and don't have help? It makes me feel less valued as a person and patron of the establishment as if my dollars don't spend like everyone else's.

Being that we travel quite often and have run into accessibility issues, we've purchased portable ramps to travel with, a compact folding power chair, and a scooter to be used. Having these things have definitely made things a bit easier when navigating "Antique" buildings or inaccessible spaces though they come with their own risks.

For my fellow powerchair users, what are some things/tricks that help to provide you access to places? I’m always looking to learn new tricks and ways to advocate for our community!