Get active!

One thing I've learned by being a non-ambulatory wheelchair user is to get and remain active! Finding an exercise and nutrition program that suits your day-to-day needs and activity level is a major key to overall wellness.

Following a high-protein diet and lots of water has helped me to improve my muscle spasms, fatigue, and nerve pain. It has also helped to speed up the healing process for pressure sores and skin breakdowns.

I love Herbalife Nutrition as they are a cellular company and have many, many things for just about everything. Products to lose, maintain, or gain weight, as well as products for your hair, skin, nails, and more. Using the products while following a simple plan of two shakes and teas a day with two high-protein snacks and a healthy meal a day, I've been able to lose over 60 lbs without strenuous workouts. In turn, I have been able to improve my overall life with increased happiness, strength, improved transfers, and a healthier digestive system. Should you be interested, reach out and I’d be happy to help!

There are a couple of apps that are inclusive that include adaptive workouts, including Wheel With Me Fit - this is my favorite app because they even include workouts from the bed! As a person with an SCI who is no longer in control of her body, bed workouts are clutch when my pain levels are high but I still want to reach for a goal.

Health is wealth no matter your abilities!