Singing for wellbeing

Joanne Kibbey
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Singing for wellbeing

One of the few good things which I think has come from Covid experience is the increased availability of on-line activities. These  can be of benefit those of us who struggle to get out and join group activities in person. 

One thing I discovered was on-line singing. In lockdown a wonderful group started called Sofa Singers. Although it was founded in Wales that is an international on-line community, where people from all over meet to learn a new song each week. 

Another adaptation to lockdown was the English organisation called Tuneless Choir (for those of us who are “vocally challenged”!) launched an on-line version.   No attempt to teach us … we are not “on a journey” … just having a laugh! 

Check BBC's video on Tuneless Choir

It would be great to hear other people's ideas for keeping cheerful?