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The Scottish Games Network is listening to people to inform the development of their strategy.

They have a range of roundtable conversations both in person in Scotland and online if you are interested in helping inform their considerations and strategy development.

Scotland has long been a vibrant hub for video game design and development. Rockstar North, 4J Studios, Hyperluminal and No-code amongst many others are based north of the border in the UK.

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If you are involved in game design, development or even simply enjoyment, share your perspectives on how it develops in Scotland at one of the roundtables to be held this month and next.

Sessions in Aberdeen, Border areas, Edinburgh and online are still to be held.

Learn more or sign up on the Scottish Games Network site if you are interested.

Alt text: Josh, one of the team at Open Inclusion wears a VR headset and behind him is a screen projecting what he is seeing in the headset. He is a young white male in a black polo neck and uses an electric wheelchair.

What is needed to make gaming more disability-inclusive?

Please share your responses in the thread below to any of these questions about gaming.

  1. Do you like gaming and if so what makes it so enjoyable?
  2. Do you get frustrated by games that either don't meet your accessibility needs or are not representative of disabled people in their content?
  3. If you could tell a game designer or developer one thing to create better experiences for you, what would it be?
  4. What are your preferred game/s? It may be because they are accessible to you in how you can perceive and interact with them, inclusive in their content or just because you enjoy them. Let's share our favourites.

My favourite game

My favourite game is a super simple one called Pine Hearts from HyperLuminal. It is cute, simple (needed for me - not a skilled gamer) nature-based and about a character overcoming some mental health challenges - all in quite an accessible environment.

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Hyperluminal a few years ago and they have made it much more accessible and inclusive since the inclusion lab that they attended. Here is a short video about the game and its accessibility options.

Please share your favourite games so we can all find more good options.

Wishing you happy gaming!