Sex and Menopause

Joanne Kibbey
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Sex and Menopause

I don’t know about the US, but in the UK these are topics I feel are not talked about openly enough. 

They have considerable effect on people’s well-being. Currently I am helping a MS Society research project to try and rectify the lack of information on this topic by providing materials for MS nurses. 

So I was interested when I heard about a series of Webinars. I listened to several of these, a couple of which were by well-known UK personalities (Davina McCall & Liz Earle). One of which was specifically related to disability:

Midlife Sex Festival Lorraine Stanley

To be honest the titles of some sessions gave the impression they may not be suitable for me (as I am a bit conservative!), but those I listened to were very informative. So, I would recommend checking out any that interest you. 

I listened to the whole of this particular session about disability as she was amazing!

What are your thoughts?