Inclusive Content in Traditional Media

Ali Ingersoll
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Inclusive Content in Traditional Media 

When CODA won the best picture Oscar in 2022, many people with disabilities hoped it would lead to more inclusion of their stories in media. Aside from awareness and accolades, it appears that little progress to further advance disability inclusion of screen has followed.

With limited inclusive options across TV and film, it's not surprising that the disability community has found more of what it's looking for cross social media channels, where content creators with disabilities are actively feeling the inclusivity void across traditional media channels.

Full article on limited inclusive content in traditional media.

What experiences have you had with feeling included or not included with respect to representation in traditional media, TV shows, movies?

Are there specific disability influencers you follow that you feel represent your disability community in a way you feel is more inclusive? We would love to hear in the comments below on some disability influencers you follow and why.

Check out Molly Burke, a blind Canadian YouTube personality and motivational speaker who focuses on destigmatizing many issues in the blind/low vision community. She's a wonderful motto "even though I can't see, I know there are bright spots in everything we face."