Straws as an assistive technology

Tom Richer
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Recently the team at Open have had the pleasure of working with two major global beverage companies considering how disabled people buy, carry, open, consume and dispose of cans and bottles. This has provided so many fascinating insights into the design of beverage packaging and we have created some content to share with you our lovely community.

You can find out more about our research and our day at the Google ADC space (Accessibility Discovery Centre) through the link below:

Some thoughts for discussion with our community:

  • What are some of the other technologies you use to help access the world no matter how big or small?
  • How has assistive technology helped you?
  • What are some of the challenges you face and how do you think technology could help?

The picture above is of the team from Open Inclusion at the ADC with the lovely Christopher and Gurmukh from Google and Yasmin from Open Style Lab.