What have you found to help you fall asleep with chronic pain and other symptoms?

I have dealt with insomnia my whole life, but when my chronic pain and POTS worsened, this worsened. I can have a tough time breathing depending on how I lay down and which position I am in can really spike my heart rate (which makes me feel similar to being overcaffeinated. Not fun to sleep!)

I have found that sleeping with my head elevated, but on my side helps with breathing and my heart rate. Having ice packs on my pain flare-ups while winding down for bed also generally makes me more tired. I have a little cherry juice and magnesium drink to help with lightheadedness and calming. While I am waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in, I put on some headphones and listen to an audiobook, with a cold compress over my eyes.

What do you do to help fall asleep?