Accessibility at airports


When I was traveling out of Rochester, NY (ROC) airport the other day, I happened to notice that one of the TVs switched from whatever information they were displaying to actual real-time captioning in full screen, it captioned the overhead announcement. This was a first for me to see!

I've seen some form of captioning at a few airports but they tend to be like ticker style in smaller font scrolling along at the bottom of whatever information (arrivals or departures, etc.) the TV was displaying like it was an afterthought or just trying to satisfy an ADA requirement.

This clearly shows that the ROC airport does notice they serve a significant population of Deaf/Hard of Hearing travelers and did collaborate with RIT/NTID or a deaf advocacy group. There were other accessibility features such as the lights at the gate changing when a flight started boarding.

What kind of significant accessibility service have you seen improved at an airport that should be universally applied to all airports?