Lift Me Up - A tribute to Judith Heumann


It is 33 years today since the Americans With Disabilities Act came into force.

What an appropriate day for me to see this tribute to the amazing Judy Heumann, a song called "Lift Me Up" which has just been released. Judy lifted up so many people in so many ways - personally and professionally. She played such an instrumental part in the decades of activism and advocacy that led up to this civil rights law, the ADA getting passed in 1993. She didn't slow down then though! In the decades that followed she worked tirelessly to lift up others by progressing disability inclusion across society both in the USA and around the world.

The song, lyrics and performances (signed, vocal and instrumental) is a perfect tribute to an incredible woman.

What are your favourite inclusion anthems?

What music do you love that is either performed by artists with lived experiences of disabilities or just feels right (lyrics, energy, melody) when you are needing to replenish your disability inclusion positive change-maker energy?

Please share your playlist of great music. We won't all enjoy everything that each of us likes, as music is such a personal preference, but guaranteed someone else in the community will! Thanks to Lachi and James Ian with the fabulous Gaelynn Lea as well as the ASL performers who made this my first pick of a song and performance for this thread.

Video link to YouTube "Lift Me Up" performance